Ekta Hakim

I had the pleasure of meeting Parul Malhotra almost 3 years back during summer time. I contacted her for my daughter Jiya and my own weight loss. After consistently following Parul’s diet plans I started loosing 1 to 1.5 kg after every plan. Overall I ended up losing 20 to 25 kg (fluctuates in between) over a period of one year. My daughter Jiya who was suffering from childhood obesity was at 50 kilos at the age of 7 years. With Parul’ plans she lost 10 kilos and as time progressed even with increasing height she is maintaining herself at a healthy 40 kg weight. Parul’s diet plans were simple yet very effective. She understood the way I work and provided insightful and easy ways of improving. She is a great listener. She beautifully managed to help me and my daughter change our eating habits. She helped us create a strong baseline on which we are able to maintain the lost weight and live a healthy life today. It feels Great!! Thank you Parul.