First of all thank you so much Parul for your support encouragement and care. I am able to achieve something which I thought was impossible. Today my mom and my wife whom I had promised to become healthy are really proud to see me loose 10 kg, in an amazing journey of 9 weeks . But it’s not the end I am still 14 kg overweight and I am determined to lose it.

I am 31 years old and at a weight of 104 kg my blood pressure , cholesterol and thyroid levels were all going on upper limit. I got worried and read few books and changed few of my food habits,  but could not reduce my weight which was constant for last 4 years ranging between 104-105 kg. Controlling food intake was very frustrating and was like I was punishing myself all the time.

It all started when I took appointment of Parul Malhotra. She just changed my paradigms about food and how food can help to reduce weight. I got my diet plan and started regular yoga. For the first time in my life I enjoyed my journey of Weight loss ,I understood that it’s about eating right food at right time with right quality and avoiding some bad foods. she gave me special options for the times when I was not able to follow the regular diet .It was not easy in the beginning but I got motivation when I found that I lost 1.5 kg in just 1 week of following the diet and exercise and then I did not stopped ,special thanks to my wife Sarita who made sure I ate right food and cooked the food that was recommended.

Thank you Parul for your caring support and for really motivating me to achieve my goals and because of you I have got clarity about my health. Lots of gratitude to you .God bless you.